who are we?


The Knowledge Exchange is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded in Fredericksburg, Virginia on April 30th, 2020. We are a diverse team of concerned professionals who realize that quality tutoring is oftentimes unattainable for the majority of Americans. Our mission is to promote education equality by providing affordable, high-quality tutoring to our community. 



Our Board




Board member

I stand behind TKE’s mission of providing equitable educational opportunities for all. Communities succeed when organizations like TKE seek to intimately understand and provide necessary resources that cannot be fulfilled by larger institutions. As a federal consultant, I have learned that powerful cultural change comes from the bottom up, and I am honored to provide guidance and leadership to this passionate group of change agents.”

Our Officers

jimmy SHING


“After privately teaching for 8 years, I often see that those that need help the most are those that can rarely afford the help they need. Quality education should not be limited to those that can afford it, but in today’s environment, that is quickly becoming the new reality. Therefore, I am fortunate enough to found TKE with like-minded colleagues that are ever willing and able to make a difference: to uplift our community and to help everyone, regardless of one’s background. Through TKE, we will create a better community for all.”



“I want to reinvent education for our community! I worked in the public school system and behavior therapy services for 4 years with children with disabilities. I loved helping the families improve their home situation and watch the children’s improvements. However, our current education system is flawed due to teachers required to teach to a test which leads to parents forced to seek tutoring for their child they cannot afford. So I was excited to be asked by Jim (founder of TKE) to help build up his vision for affordable educational services, so anyone can have access to quality education in their community!”



“I believe that education and educators are the foundation of our future. Unfortunately, I see the importance of education sometimes fall between the cracks. Being a teacher in a low-economic area, I see families having to put other essential needs before education. I am very involved with our school system and our community, finding ways to provide the needs to all of our children and specifically for families that may need someone to advocate for them. TKE represents a lot of what I believe in and a lot of the reasons why I volunteer my time towards better education for all. I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity to work for this non-profit, providing excellent education to families that are unable to afford the extra support.”

brenda tran


“I believe that education is a universal human right that not only empowers you, but provides you with greater opportunities in life. My decision to becoming an active member of The Knowledge Exchange illustrates my desire to provide direct educational support to my surrounding community while also having the opportunity to forge lasting relationships with our students. At TKE, we strive to cultivate your willingness to learn and will work endlessly to ensure we are able to help you meet your goals, both inside and outside the classroom.”

Some of our instructors & staff

David Curameng


“Although I am not an educator, I have seen through my own eyes and personal experience how big of a role my education from elementary school to high school to college helped me understand the nuances of the world. Sometimes throughout my life, I always felt like I was coming from behind, but I pushed through and trusted my gut to seek the truth. The truth honestly is rooted in education, and I would like to help at least one student see how important their education will help them in their own personal life and journey.”

Conner McCarthy


“I was inspired by the vision of TKE to collaboratively provide education and support to our communities. I love to teach and I love to see people grow towards their goals! When I heard from founder Jim about TKE, I was excited to become a part of the team.”

Nicholas Westervelt


“I remember being approached by Jim one night and was asked if I would volunteer my time to help with an organization that would tutor students for free. Without thinking I agreed and became excited to work for them. As a teacher I always see children who could do so much more if they were given that extra push outside of school. I always wanted to help them and so when the opportunity came I seized it. It has been the experience of a lifetime to work with The Knowledge Exchange and I am so excited to see where we can go.”

matthew derr


“I was fortunate to go through a school system growing up with quality educators and an environment that pressed me to stay curious. It wasn’t until after I graduated and moved away from that environment that I saw how fortunate I was. I realized then that my success was not just because “I tried hard” — it was a result of a systematic difference in my school system compared to others. It’s because of this that I believe that one’s success should only be determined by their drive and curiosity — not their financial means.”



“My sister Angie asked if I would be interested in the grant writing portion of the organization due to my experience with writing. I agreed and thought about how my experience with math would have been better if I’d had access to an organization like TKE. I look forward to helping in the organization and those students who need assistance in furthering their education through TKE.”

Travis H.


“I share the thought that knowledge is so valuable and precious, that you’re in service to that knowledge until you pass it on to someone else. With TKE, I get to take an active role in helping others fulfill that calling while they enrich the lives of others. It is both a privilege and an honor!”

olivia larken


“I decided to join TKE because, while I don’t have a specific topic I am able to tutor in, I want to contribute in some way. I believe in TKE’s mission to help those in need with their education.”